Falling Backwards

Our most powerful and meaningful life experiences unfold within the context of the unknown. This is because within that moment, every aspect of our self (body, mind, soul) is active, awake and alive. New insights and understandings spontaneously arise within us. But this workshop is not about intellectual understanding and solutions. It is an embodied experience of learning to enter the unknown with trust and with love.

In this workshop we will deal with real issues: your issues. So be prepared to bring your challenges and dreams into the room. Bring the names of the people and the things that you care most about. Bring your confusion, your denial, your wishes and your lust for life. And, most importantly, bring your fears. We will deal with it all.

Hosted by: Ben Croker
Saturday 24th of March 2018, 10:00 – 18:00
Casa Ananda, Alberstraße 9/3, 8010 Graz
Price: €110 until 28.02.2018, thereafter €130
Language: English (participation in German is possible)
Registration: ben@bencroker.com
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1965418167053697

The workshop will be followed by a singing circle at 19:00 (open to the public), led by David Lion.

Falling backwards is the physical embodiment of the courageous act of entering the unknown. What we long for most, safety and meaning, cannot be generated by us, they can merely be discovered by us. With our eyes to the ground, looking one step ahead, we often lose track of the solid earth that supports us, the ground of being that embraces us and the ever-present invitations that life sends us in which we can grow, expand and deepen.

Within a small group setting, you will experience:

  • Embodied learning: through movement and physical representation of various aspects of self
  • Being seen and being heard: through acknowledging and sharing whatever is present in the moment
  • Connection to self: through including what has been excluded and discerning what has been entangled

We will use the methods of Authentic Movement, Systemic Constellation Work and The Way of Council. These are simple yet powerful methods that anyone can participate in and greatly benefit from.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals who are looking to take a step closer to their inner selves, to find clarity and to discover meaning in their everyday actions and decisions. Together we will loosen the illusion of separation and of unchangeable, limiting beliefs, gradually and gently edging our way towards a more honest truth and a deeper trust in the unknown.

Who Am I?

Oh what a wonderful question!! For now, I go by the name of Ben and I run the Casa Ananda in Graz, Austria. Almost 10 years ago I discovered a dance form called Contact Improvisation and an entire world opened up to me. My journey of self-development took on a new dimension and the practice became a deeply integrated part of my life. Since then I have discovered and been impacted by various other healing methods including Authentic Movement, Systemic Constellation Therapy, The Way of Council, Meditation and Mantra Singing.

2018 is, for me, the year of courage. Courage to look into the shadows, to acknowledge and face my denial (what I knowingly or unknowingly negate), to allow myself to fall into an expansion of awareness and to ultimately experience a broader spectrum of aliveness.

I mentor people who are or would like to become self-employed. Working on a personal level, I help individuals to make deep shifts in their mental and emotional states, always moving towards honesty and trust.

Read more at bencroker.com

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